Toy Story of different ages

2020-04-26  1728

0-2 months

The toys suitable for babies of 0-2 months are: 1. Rattle toys (rattle, rattle stick, etc.): shake the rattle, let the baby find the sound source and hearing ability; let the baby grasp the rattle, and recognize the causal relationship. 2、 Music toys: let the baby listen to the sound and hearing ability, and delight the baby's mood. 3、 Activity toy: attract the baby's vision and follow the activity vision ability of the toy. 4、 Mirror: let the baby look in the mirror and observe his self-consciousness. 5、 Hanging toys: hanging on the head of the bed, can attract the baby's vision, make sound, vision and hearing ability. 6、 Picture (portrait, black-and-white picture with certain mode): hang on the head of the bed or stick on the wall to let the baby see the visual ability.

3-4 months

Pay special attention to safety. First, it should be non-toxic to prevent the baby from putting the toy in his mouth; second, the small beads in the toy and the sewn decorations should not fall off easily, and the size of the toy should not be smaller than the baby's fist, so as to avoid suffocation caused by the baby's ingestion. The baby can initially distinguish various colors and is interested in color (especially yellow and red). The toys suitable for 3-4 months babies are: 1. Family photo album: let babies know themselves and their parents, exercise their visual ability, and cultivate social emotions. 2、 Crib arch: hanging all kinds of toys, easy for baby to grasp, kick the whole body, exercise hand eye coordination. 3、 Grasping toys: grasping, shaking hand eye coordination ability. 4、 Bracelets and anklets that can make sounds: put them on the baby's wrists and ankles, increase the baby's interest in activities, and recognize the cause and effect relationship. 5、 Books suitable for baby's characteristics: cultivate baby's interest in reading.

5-6 months

The baby's hand eye coordination action has taken place, and the baby can extend his hand to the toy accurately. Can make some simple and effective actions: like to tear paper, will shake and knock toys, remember that different toys have different playing methods and functions; two hands can grasp two toys at the same time. The toys suitable for 5-6 months babies are: 1. Bathroom toys (including sink and float toys): when bathing, they are put in the bathtub or bathtub, which is convenient for babies to grasp, increase the fun of bathing, and exercise hand eye coordination and cognitive ability. 2、 Soft building blocks: recognize building blocks, exercise hand eye coordination ability and cognitive ability. 3、 Soft ball: exercise hand eye coordination ability. 4、 Filling toys that can make sound: know the name of filling toys, such as dolls and kittens, hold the filling toys and make them make sound. 5、 Tumbler: shaking, trying to push, recognizing cause and effect. 6、 Books suitable for baby's characteristics: cultivate baby's interest in reading.

7-9 months

Baby's various movements began to appear intentional, will consciously ring the small bell, will use one hand to take things, will take up the toy in the hand to turn around. The baby's five fingers are also divided. Suitable for 7-9 months baby toys are: first, pull rope music box: let baby learn how to pull rope to make music box make sound, exercise hand eye coordination ability. 2、 Toy drum: knock at will to meet the needs of baby's hand movement, auditory stimulation, and exercise hand eye coordination ability. 3、 Building blocks: practice grasping and hand eye coordination. 4、 Drag toys: push and pull, the ability to use the rope on the toys to pull it to solve problems. 5、 A box or bottle with a lid. Exercise hand eye coordination. 6、 Small box for toys: take toys in and out, exercise hand eye coordination and cognitive ability. 7、 Card: know the name of things, exercise cognitive ability and language ability.

10-12 months

The baby's hand eye coordination has been greatly improved. Babies like to play with toys and observe things they are interested in for a long time. He began to have a memory. Babies prefer to play hide and seek games. Suitable for 10-12 months baby toys are: 1, ball rolling, kicking: exercise muscles through sports. 2、 Crawling tunnel: practice crawling, climbing, exercise the coordination ability of various physical skills, and cultivate the exploration ability. 3、 Set the tower and cup: set the tower and cup according to the size, exercise the hand eye coordination ability; rotate the tower and cup, experience the relationship between strength and speed. 4、 Toy Piano: press the key at will, and make movements according to the music to meet the needs of baby's hand movements. 5、 Shape classification toys: know shape. 6、 Metal wire Beaded toys: move beads up and down to improve hand eye coordination. 7、 Baby dining chair: eat, play, exercise self-care ability.

13-16 months

At this time, the baby's ability of movement and feeling will be improved. He will imitate doing exercises and move his hands, feet and body in accordance with the rhythm. Most babies have learned to walk, and their ability to move is greatly enhanced. Can also say some simple words to express their needs, understanding and language ability has made great progress. Improve hand eye coordination, like to paint on paper with a pen. The toys suitable for 13-16 months are: Tower, ball, paintbrush and drawing board, three-dimensional Jack toys of various shapes, building blocks, bubble blowing toys, toy phones, drag toys that can make sound, etc.

16-24 months

The toys suitable for 16-24 months are: 1. Toys with different colors, shapes, textures and sounds. 2、 Toys that promote action development: dolls, balls, sandbags, etc. that can push and pull. 3、 Toys for training hand's fine movements: hoops, sleeves, building blocks, beads, etc. 4、 Toys that promote language and cognitive abilities: small animals, vehicles, dolls, small daily necessities, books, etc. 5、 Toys for training thinking and hands-on ability: toys that can play with sand, water, assembly and splicing.

3-6 years old

Toys suitable for 3-6 year olds include: 1. Paints and brushes, colored pens, color books, practice writing, knitting, making cards, Beading (big beads are suitable for 3-year-olds). 2、 Board and card games, jigsaw puzzles, matching and memory games, computers with appropriate software. 3、 Dolls, small furniture, cars, small farm implements. 4、 Toys that can teach dressing skills: buttons, shoelaces, zippers, buttons; dolls and their accessories; toy animals; clothing for make-up; puppets and stage; mops, brooms, dustpans, irons and irons for children; plastic tools for children, such as hammers or screwdrivers; sand; small trains; recording machines for children. 5、 Sports toys, such as rope rings, bowling balls and targets; small spring mats; all kinds of balls; any toys that can move and inspire children to run, chase, shake, jump and jump