The role of toys for the baby's growth

2020-04-26  1064

First, baby toys can mobilize the enthusiasm of children.

The child's physical and mental development is achieved in the activities. Toys can be arbitrarily for children free to play with, manipulate and use, in accordance with the level of children's psychological interests and ability. Can meet the needs of their activities, improve the enthusiasm of the activities. Such as "horse" toys, children will naturally ride, to and fro, not only meet the requirements of their activities, and that they have a positive and pleasant mood, so long play tire. Such as "doll" toys, can cause children to do a variety of activities for children of all ages according to their life experience, can play with dolls, from simple to complex, be the most changeful. Two, baby toys can enhance perceptual knowledge.

Toys have the characteristics of visual image, children can touch, take, listen, blow, look, it is conducive to a variety of sensory training. Such as the color set of tower, Blow toys, dolls and toys and other animal is conducive to visual training; music, piano, tambourine, little bear small horn can be the training of hearing; building blocks, plastic sheet, product structure model can develop the space perception; all kinds of puzzles, mosaic toys, soft plastic toys can exercise feeling duck; pull cars, trolleys, tricycle, bicycle and contribute to the development of motion perception. The toys in the development of sensory and motor ability at the same time not only enrich the perceptual knowledge of children, but also in life to strengthen children's impression, when children failed to extensive contact with real life, they are to understand the world through toys.

Three, baby toys can cause children's Association activities.

The hospital such as toys, toy doll house can cause children to the hospital and family associations can promote children's creative role in the game; some labor tools and toys, can cause children to plant trees, river dredging and construction simulation of labor. Some toys are specialized for thinking training, such as chess, intelligent toys, etc., can improve children's analysis, synthesis, comparison, judgment and reasoning ability, thinking depth, flexibility and agility.

Four, actively carry out thinking, imagination and other activities

And through the hands or other activities of the body to show. Such as playing "plastic" toys, children to the idea, to imagine, to achieve the established objective and the choice of materials; assemble, both hands and brains. The children will encounter some difficulties in the use of the toy, the difficulties they must rely on their own strength to overcome, and to complete the task, and training to overcome difficulties and go to the excellent quality.

Five, help to develop the concept of collective and cooperative spirit.

Some toys are for children to be used together. Such as "telephone" toys, the two sides should have a call, or even a runner, help children to understand the learning experience of life, practice and peer cooperation. Also such as long rope toy, itself will require a lot of children collective use, children in the long rope jumping rope, the coordination of each other's actions, enhance the collective concept.

Six, in addition to the baby, children's toys, there are a number of adult toys

As a soldier, toys, statues, movable, which is in the high-end SD BJD baby, baby, this is the two main movable ball joint humanoid (puppets), suitable for DIY enthusiasts love doll lovers. The second is the HT soldiers, mainly in film and television characters toys the most popular (now the most popular are: iron man, terminator, Batman and so on), generally with 12 inch size as the main joint movement, can be placed in the form of photography. Further down is hand toys, commonly known as POP static toys toys, cartoon character based restoration.