Development prospects of toys

2020-04-26  960

Relevant current situation

China's toy manufacturing industry overall development situation is good.

From the toy industry gross industrial output value in the proportion of the national economy, 2009-2013 years, the industry's total output value accounted for GDP of the overall more stable, has been hovering around 0.3%. Overall, although the toy industry exports a huge amount, but the proportion of the national economy is still not high.

Related problem

However, the problem also exists, China is a big country of toy production, but it is not a powerful country in the production of toys. Lack of large-scale toy manufacturers, the lack of toy development talent, the lack of brand effect is the biggest problem. Although China's exports of toys are very large (75% of the world's toys are produced in China), these toys are basically in the form of OEM to enter the international market. In the country's 8000 toy manufacturers, 3000 to obtain the export license, but its exports more than 70% of the toys are processed or sample processing, that is, foreign brands to work. Therefore, should improve the production process of China toy industry, and actively take the world toy industry system, enhance the core competitiveness of Chinese toy industry, to create its own brand China toys is a pressing matter of the moment toy industry Chinese.

Huge range

With the development of China's economy, the consumption expenditure of urban and rural residents in China will be more and more. Chinese children under the age of 360 million have about 16, accounting for the proportion of the population of about 20%. China children's consumption has accounted for about 30% of total household expenditure, the children of 0-12 monthly consumption of more than 3 billion 500 million yuan. But Chinese under the age of 14 children and adolescents per capita annual toy consumption of only 20-30 yuan ($2.4-3.6), far below the per capita annual consumption of Asian children's toys and children all over the world $13 per capita annual toy consumption level of $34. If China's toy consumption reached the average level in Asia, the market size is expected to exceed 30 billion yuan. Mainland toy market will grow at a rate of 40% a year, by 2010, sales will be more than 100 billion yuan.

Many industries have the national brand, but the plush toy is not a national brand, at present China's plush toys, mostly of poor quality, low price, no series, lack of consumer confidence, there is a big market space in high quality plush toys on white.

There is a new market in China's toy market. This is the electronic commerce in the traditional industries play a significant role in a way of expression. As the world's first integrated industry business information collection platform, gathering all walks of life to sell products on sale information, agency project investment information, direct selling product supply information, etc.. Has the characteristics that can serve the dealers, agents and buyers at the same time. Dealers, agents are the most resources of the site.