Selection of toys

2020-04-26  900


Interest is the best teacher of the baby, no matter how meaningful toys design or design how clever, if the baby does not love this toy, then the good toy is a decoration, so interest is very important. When it comes to children's interests, not only in the shape of the toy, in shape and color are exaggerated, cartoon and humor, make toys color should be riotous with colour full of visual playing such changes, the process can subtly guide your baby to recognize the different colors and shades. Of course, although the color should be bright, but also have a certain degree of softness, or a long time especially bright color to stimulate the baby, especially a few months of the baby, may cause their visual fatigue.


Because in the process of playing, we have to exercise some of the baby's skills and skills, exercise the baby's intelligence. Puzzle is reflected in three aspects.

1 toys have several kinds of play, but also according to their own interests in accordance with their own ability to develop new ways to avoid a single boring, such a toy is a good toy.

2 the toy itself can give us a lot of imagination, but also give him some space to create, so that it can attract the attention of children for a long time. For example, some electric toys if only through the control switch to it according to words without what good creativity, perhaps a very simple child kit can change the gameplay, is very good for the creation of the creativity of children, so there must be a lot of play, with a toy contains a lot of play is a good toy.

3 this toy is best to have a certain relationship with the children's real life. When the child is one or two years old and we hope his ability gradually increased, the same is a caterpillar toy, some caterpillar toy is a very cute caterpillar style, but there is also other caterpillar caterpillar toy, but there are some ingenious design of each caterpillar on the corner of some small zipper, some small buttons, some the rope tie, also a caterpillar when playing toys, exercise the child hand flexibility is very important for real life ability training of the child.


Good toys have to be safe. No matter when the safety of toys should be the first to consider the issue, because our baby to explore the world and adults are not the same, in addition to play to see and listen, he will go to the smell, and even the most often put toys in the mouth bite, pounding, we cannot toy there are security risks, if it is easy to split off the paint toys, if the toy edge burr sharp is not suitable for children. For one year old baby we require the toys can be placed on a tray of toys, what time get bitten is safe.

For a long time

Too many toys are not necessarily a good thing, toys, small and refined to allow children to invent different ways of playing may be the best.

If the toy is long, there must be a lot of play and there's a lot of space to create. Too many toys are not good for children to save or cherish all the good habits of the cultivation of good habits.