Classification of toys

2020-04-26  1081

Generally speaking, children's toys are designed and manufactured for children of a particular age group, and their characteristics are related to the age of the child and the intelligence stage. The use of children's toys with a certain ability to adapt to the premise. In our country, children's age is 14 years old. As a children's toy, it has a key factor, that is, it must be able to attract the attention of children. This requires the toy has a bright color, rich sound, easy to operate characteristics. It is worth noting that, because the child is in a growing period of instability, they have different hobbies in different age stages, generally have a good mentality. Therefore, children's toys should be according to children's age segment breakdown toys: according to 0-3 years old, 3-7 years old, 7-10 years old, 10-14 years old, etc.. In terms of its material, the common children's toys are wooden toys, metal toys, cloth toys, etc., on its function, the most popular is the development of intelligent toys.

Specifically, children's toys can be divided into the following ten kinds:

Jigsaw puzzle: improve children's cognitive ability, analysis ability, imagination, cultivate children's sense of accomplishment.

Game toy: Based on improving children's cognitive ability, cultivate children's ability, thinking ability, develop their thinking, exercise skills and hand eye coordination ability.

Text: Digital abacus in training children with ability at the same time, large exercises, fine movement training of children, inspire children to accurate understanding of the shape, number, weight, and muscle flexibility.

The main tools: let children know and master all kinds of tool shape, color and structure, the actual training of children in the process of operation ability and hand eye coordination, develop imagination.

Puzzle combination category: the cultivation of children's spatial imagination ability and the ability to work with precision, so as to deepen the understanding of time, animals, transportation and housing shape, color and other aspects of rational understanding.

Building blocks: to stimulate the children's interest in training children with reasonable combination of consciousness and space imagination; clever drag design, exercise children's ability to walk, to encourage children's creative sense of accomplishment.

Traffic toys: by improving the cognition and understanding of children, and all kinds of engineering structural train car car, on the basis of training the assembly, dragging and finishing ability, improve their awareness and self-care ability, and by putting together understanding transformation relation between objects.

Procrastination: to improve children's cognitive ability, according to different drag animals, so that they know the different characteristics of various animals, exercise their ability to walk in a large range.

Jigsaw: from a variety of shapes and rich content of the puzzle, in combination, children of graphics resolution, combined with the certain foundation of cognitive ability, exercise independent thinking, and cultivate their patience and persevere spirit.

Cartoon doll class: parents busy, the need to accompany the children's entertainment toys, while the cute cartoon dolls are widely welcomed by the children.